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Happy Spring New Skye Fans!!

As usual we've been so busy these monthly newsletters are becoming quarterlies...

Speaking of getting the word out to the masses, I have been waiting until the planets aligned properly (see below) to create a New Skye Facebook page. I noticed in the stars (on Feb. 20), that many of you might like to hear about our adventures via Facebook.

Please do me a big favor and click the Yes or No links below to let me know if you'd follow us if/when the New Skye page became available.

Yes, I'm already on Facebook and would follow y'all at least to your next gig!

No, while I love your band, I hate social media with a passion and am a bit of a Luddite to boot...

Robin and I had an excellent time helping out at Walker Creek Music Camp last week. Stay tuned for news about the Fall session in October.

Our gig flow is growing and I'd like to share a few dates below to finish off April. I'm going to try real hard to get the May letter out in a timely manner.

Don't forget to vote re: Facebook. Also, remember that you can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the link below.

As always, Thank YOU for staying tuned in and supporting our musical endeavors. Hope to see you soon!

Even the planets were dancing when we played at the French Garden at 7pm on February 20.
(Moon, Venus & Mars conjunction last occurred 9/11/08 right around Robin and I started our band!)

Friday, April 17– New Skye Quartet – French Garden Restaurant & Bistro – 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Tonight! It must be the 3rd Friday of the month! Come down and enjoy the amazing food, drink. The Bistro vibe always brings out the best New Skye performances and tonight we are fortunate to have guest guitarist Willie Perez sitting in. Players come one come all!

Saturday April 18 - New Skye Duo - Santa Rosa Farmers Market – 9:30am – 1:00pm
The biggest and best market right in our own backyard. Stop by, say hi, veggie up and enjoy the New Skye...

Just a reminder, Robin and I are at the this market on the first Wednesday of the month> I will be playing solo so musical friends drop by to jam! Robin will transform from a delightful songbird, to performing her amazing Conscious Bodywork CMT skills by selling chair massage treatments and home-made spa products. Not to be missed! Stop by and see us on Wednesday, May 6th!

Saturday April 18 - New Skye Trio - Private Party

Thursday, April 23 – New Skye Quartet – Bluewater Bistro– 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Back in the amazing Bistro room where the sunsets, martinis, food and music are sublime. Ernesto and his staff make this our favorite New Skye sundown spot. Join us!

Sunday, April 26 - New Skye Trio – Windsor Farmers Market – 10:00am - 1:00pm
We return to my hometown with great brews, food and an intimate setting that’s perfect for sing-a-longs. We just love playing this venue – so cozy, warm thanks to Tish and crew. This evening we may be joined by special guests so, stop by, the beer flows like music...

Wednesday, April 29 – New Skye Solo – Brookdale - Rohnert Park– 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Happy Hour with my step-mom's friends!

Visiting sunshines singing "You Are My Sunshine" at Wednesday Farmers Market
(Luther Burbank... I mean Wells Fargo Center - thank you, Robin)

Awarded Best "Band to Play at Your Crab Feed 2015"
(Santa Rosa Girls and Boys Club Crab Feed - 8th year! - thank you, Aidan)

Thank you once again, for all your support over the years. I hope you’ll stop by to enjoy the music and say hello, real soon.

Take care, Michael

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